3.9. DVI Interface

The PL111 CLCD controller in the Northbridge is interfaced to the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) port on the PB-A8 using on-board components to provide support for both analog and digital displays. See CLCD controller for details.

The digital portion of the interface is VESA compliant, operates in One Pixel/Clock Input/Output mode, and supports displays up to UXGA resolution.

The analog portion of the interface converts the 8-bit RGB data from the PL111 CLCD controller to analog VGA signals.

The DDC2B portion of the interface is provided by a custom Two-wire Serial Interface (SBCon) implemented the Southbridge. See Two-wire serial bus interface for details.

The physical interface provided by the PB-A8 is shown in DVI display interface.


The on-board DVI interface can be controlled either by the PL111 Color LCD Controller implemented in the Northbridge, or by logic implemented in the FPGA on an attached Logic Tile. See Tile interconnections and RealView Logic Tile header connectors for details.

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