1.2. About the PB-A8

The Platform Baseboard for Cortex®-A8 (PB-A8) is the first highly integrated software and hardware development system to be based on the ARM Cortex family of superscalar processors. The baseboard is supplied self-powered in an ATX profile enclosure.

Used standalone the PB-A8 serves as a fast software development platform with a Cortex-A8 processor and memory system running at near ASIC speed.

Used with FPGA-based RealView Logic Tiles, stacked on the baseboard, it enables custom AMBA 3 peripherals, processors, and DSPs to be added to the existing ARM development system.

The PB-A8 is intended for development of applications software based on the ARMv7-A with Advanced SIMD architecture and NEON™ technology for multimedia and signal processing applications. The ability to add Logic Tiles to the baseboard enables new custom hardware to be prototyped and validated, and drivers to be debugged.

The PB-A8 includes:

Figure 1.1 shows the top level system architecture of the baseboard.

Figure 1.1. Cortex-A8 system architecture

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The following sections introduce the major system components:

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