3.10. PCI interface

The PCI interface comprises of:

Figure 3.10 shows the PB-A8 PCI and PCI Express implementation.

Figure 3.10. PCI-PCI Express interface

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The AXI to PCI bridge provides interface functions conforming to the PCI or PCI-X Specification. The PB-A8 configures this interface for PCI-X operation.

The PCI-X to PCI-X asynchronous bridge (PCI6520) interfaces the AXI to PCI bridge to the PB-A8 PCI slots.

The PCI-X to PCI Express asynchronous bridge (PEX8114) and PCI Express switch (PEX8518) interface the AXI to PCI bridge to the PB-A8 PCI Express slots.

See AXI to PCI bridge for details of PB-A8 usage and the PCI-to-PCI Bridge Architecture Specification Revision 1.2 and the PCI Express Base Specification Revision 1.1 for further details.

For details on the bridge and switch components used on the PB-A8 see the PLX Technology Inc website: www.plxtech.com.

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