4.3.14. Miscellaneous flags, SYS_MISC

The SYS_MISC register at 0x10000060 is a read-only register that returns the value of the tile site tile detect signal and other miscellaneous flags related to communication. See Table 4.15 for details.

Figure 4.14 shows the register bit assignment.

Figure 4.14. SYS_MISC register

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The function of the register bits are listed in Table 4.15.

Table 4.15. SYS_MISC register bit assignment

[31:20]Write ignored, read as zero0x0000Undefined
[19]Read/WriteSW_INTb0Software interrupt
[18]Read/WriteUART_SELb0Selects the source for the UART 2 and UART 3 connectors: b0: baseboard interface b1: tile site interface
[17]Read/WriteDVI_SELb0Selects the source for the DVI connector: b0: baseboard interface b1: tile site interface
[16]Read-onlynCF_DETECTb1b0: CompactFlash card detected b1: No CompactFlash card detected
[15:14]Write ignored, read as zerob000Undefined
[13]Read-onlynTILE_DETb0Tile Detect b0 = tile present b1 = tile not present
[12]Write ignored, read as zerob0Undefined
[11:0]Write ignored, read as zero0x000Undefined

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