A.12. RealView Logic Tile header connectors

These headers allow the connection of a RealView Logic Tile to the PB-A8. Figure A.14 shows the pin numbers and power-blade usage of the HDRX, HDRY, and HDRZ headers.

Figure A.14. HDRX, HDRY, and HDRZ pin numbering

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The I/O voltage on a RealView Logic Tile (VCCO1 and VCC02) can be changed by removing resistors on the tile and supplying the I/O voltage from either the tile above or the tile below in a tile stack. However, all signals from the PB-A8 to a RealView Logic Tile use 3.3V I/O levels and all signals from a RealView Logic Tile to the PB-A8 must use 3.3V I/O levels.

The 5V supply on the headers is to power voltage converters that may be present on the Logic Tile.

Tables Table A.10, HDRX signals, and HDRZ signals list the signals on each header pin.


The designation used for a multiplexed signal is X / Y, where signal X is present when CLKOUTDIV is HIGH and signal Y is present when CLKOUTDIV is LOW. See Application Note AN151 for details of the AXI multiplexing scheme.

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