G.2.2. Naming conventions for image files

The image files contain the image for a single FPGA, PLD, or programmable memory device. The file name of an FPGA or PLD image file identifies the PCB, device and revision. All file names are in lower case with an underscore character separating the fields:




The name and number identify a specific development board. For example, eb_140c is for the baseboard that uses PCB board HBI-140C.


The name of the programmable devices that match this file. For example, cfg_xc2c128 identifies the Xilinx XC2C128 configuration PLD.


The build number. The number n increments from 0


The type of device used by this file. For example .svf is used for PLD programming and .bit is used for FPGA programming.


The baseboard is supplied with the PLD images already programmed. The information in this section is provided only in case of accidental erasure of the PLDs. You are advised not to reprogram the PLDs with any images other than those provided by ARM Limited.

Using the board file to control image file loading minimizes the risk of incorrectly programming the board. The board files contains a list of correct image files and eliminates the requirement to select individual image files for the programmable devices on the baseboard or attached Logic Tile.

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