3.1.9. Logic Tile expansion

Logic Tiles, such as the LT-XC5VLX330, can be connected to enable developing of additional AMBA 3 AXI peripherals, or custom logic, for use with ARM processors. See Appendix D RealView Logic Tile Expansion and RealView Logic Tile header connectors for details.


Due to pin limitations, the PB-A8 implements multiplexed AMBA 3 AXI interfaces at the HDRX and HDRY tile site headers. The Logic Tile used must implement a similar scheme to be compatible with the PB-A8 external AMBA 3 AXI interfaces.

ARM Application Note AN151 Example AXI design for a Logic Tile on top of AXI Versatile baseboards describes the multiplexed AMBA 3 AXI interface requirements and includes example code.

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