3.1.11. Debug, Trace and USB Config support

The PB-A8 supports CoreSight debug and trace of the on-board Cortex-A8 processor.

Debug support

The JTAG connector on the rear panel of the ATX enclosure enables JTAG hardware debugging equipment, such as RealView ICE, to be connected to the PB-A8. The JTAG equipment enables you to debug ARM-based applications running on the Cortex-A8 processor.

An Integrated Logic Analyzer (ILA) connector on the baseboard enables debugging of the Logic Tile FPGA designs at the same time as the JTAG connector is being used to debug application code running on the Cortex-A8. An example of an ILA debugging device is the Xilinx ChipScope.

Trace support

The Cortex-A8 processor supports CoreSight Technology for debug and trace. The Debug APB and Trace ATB buses from the processor are routed to the Debug FPGA on the PB-A8.


The CoreSight interface components are implemented in an FPGA so it may not be possible to trace software at the maximum speed allowed by test chip.

The Debug FPGA implements a Debug Access Port (DAP), for interfacing to an external JTAG debugger such as RealView Debugger, and an Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB) and Trace Port Interface (TPIU), for interfacing to an external trace unit such as RealView Trace.

USB config support

The progcards_usb utility can use the dedicated USB config port provided on the front panel to download images to the FPGA and PLDs on the PB-A8, and a Logic Tile if fitted, using a PC. See JTAG debugger and USB config support.

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