3.11.3. Reading the Cortex-A8 test chip currents

The SYS_VOLTAGE_CTLx registers in the Southbridge are continually updated with voltage values provided by the ADC that are proportional to the test chip currents.

The relationship between the test chip currents and the LSB of the register field is given by the following formulae:

IVDD = SYS_VOLTAGE_CTL0[19:8] * 2.5/1024 ampere: 2.5A full scale
IAVDD = SYS_VOLTAGE_CTL1[19:8] * 0.25/1024 ampere: 250mA full scale
IVDDTC = SYS_VOLTAGE_CTL6[19:8] * 0.5/1024 ampere: 500mA full scale

See Voltage control registers, SYS_VOLTAGE_CTLx for details of the registers that monitor the VDDCORE, AVDD and VDDTC current sensing values.

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