4.5.1. PrimeCell Modifications

The AACI PrimeCell in the Southbridge has a different FIFO depth than the standard PL041. Therefore, the AACIPeriphID3 register contains the values listed in Table 4.35.

Figure 4.27. AACI ID register

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Table 4.35. Modified AACI PeriphID3 register

[31:8]Write as zeros, read is undefinedUndefined
[7:6]Read-modify-write to preserve value



FIFO depth in compact mode

b000 8
b001 16
b010 32
b011 64
b100 128
b101 256
b110 512 (default)
b111 1024

number of channels

b000 4
b001 1 (default)
b010 2
b011 3
b100 4
b101 5
b110 6
b111 7

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