4.14.1. Addresses

The windows that provide access to the PCI expansion bus are listed in Table 4.77.

Table 4.77. PCI bus memory map

PCI I/O window0x90050000 to 0x9005FFFF
PCI Memory window0xA0000000 to 0xBFFFFFFF

The AXI to PCI bridge enables you to use the PB-A8 with third-party PCI or PCI-Express expansion cards. PB-A8 functions as a PCI host, that is, it generates clocks to the PCI or PCI Express card.

The Northbridge AXI to PCI bridge recognizes accesses to addresses 0x90000000 to 0xBFFFFFFF within the memory map as being intended for a target within PCI address space. There is also an additional region from 0x60000000 to 0x6FFFFFFF that is reserved for PCI expansion if required.


Only one PCI bus may use the I/O window at a time, as it is 4KB aligned.

PCI bridge initialization and configuration routines are included as part of the selftest suite on the Versatile Family CD.

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