4.24.1. CompactFlash Control Register, CF_CTRL

The CompactFlash control register at 0x18000300 provides control and status information for the inserted CF card.

Figure 4.52 shows the register bit allocations.

Figure 4.52. CF_CTRL Register

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The function of the register bits are shown in

Table 4.94. CF_CTRL register bit assignments

[31:12]Write ignored, read as zero0x00000Undefined
[11:10]Write ignored, read as zerob00Undefined
[9]Read onlyCF_nCD2b1Card Detection: b00: card inserted bx1: card not inserted b1x: card not inserted
[8]Read onlyCF_nCD1b1
[7:3]Write ignored, read as zerob00000Reserved
[2]Read/WriteCF_PWR_CONTROLb0Power Control: b0: determined by CFPOWER (bit 0) b1: determined by chip detect (CF card)
[1]Read/WriteCF_RESETnb0Card Reset (active low)
[0]Read/WriteCFPOWERb0Card Power: b0: no power applied to card b1: 3V3 applied to card

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