5.6.3. Setting-up a TAP network connection and configuring the networking environment for Microsoft Windows

This section describes how to set up a network connection for your PC, and then to configure the networking environment for use by Fast Models on a Microsoft Windows platform.


You must ensure that you first install the third-party IP package in the Fast Models networking environment.

Setting-up a network connection

To set up the network connection:

  1. Close all non-essential applications.

  2. Install the TAP driver and configure it:

    • Access the base location of Fast Model Portfolio, default C:\Program Files\ARM\FastModelPortfolio_X.Y

    • Run either:

      • ModelNetworking\add_adapter_32.bat for 32-bit Microsoft Windows

      • ModelNetworking\add_adapter_64.bat for 64-bit Microsoft Windows.

  3. Select Start → Control Panel → Network Connections and locate the newly-installed TAP device.

  4. Press the Ctrl key to multi-select at least one real Ethernet adapter connection.

  5. Right-click and select Bridge Connections.


You only have to perform this procedure once, at the beginning.

Configuring the networking environment

Use System generator to load the required project and build a model, or use Model Shell or Model Debugger to start a prebuilt model.

Set the following parameters on the HostBridge and SMSC_91C111 components. Enter:


where ARM<x> is the adapter built into the network bridge, and is 0 by default. If ARM0 already exists, then use the next available integer, that is, 1, 2, 3...


This procedure has not been tested with wireless network adapters.


If you have to enable promiscuous mode for the TAP device, you must set an additional parameter on the device. To do this:

  1. Select Start → Run → cmd.exe

  2. Enter:

    netsh bridge show adapter
    netsh bridge set adapter <N> forcecompatmode=enable

    where <N> is the id number of the TAP adapter listed by the first command.


Firewall software might block network traffic in the network bridge, and might result in a networking failure in the model. If the model does not work after configuration, check the firewall settings.

Usage of tap_setup_32.exe or tap_setup_64.exe

The following are example commands for use with tap_setup_32.exe <commands> <params>...:


Help information.


Configure the TAP devices to Always Connected.


Configure the TAP devices to Non-admin Accessible.


Restart the TAP devices.


List available TAP devices and output to a file.


Rename the device to ARMx.

install <inffile> <id>

Install a TAP Win32 adapter.

remove <dev>

Remove TAP Win32 adapters. Set <dev> to All to remove all tap devices.

setup <inffile> <id>

Automated setup process.


To uninstall all TAP adapters, run either:

  • ModelNetworking\remove_all_adapters_32.bat for 32-bit Microsoft Windows

  • ModelNetworking\remove_all_adapters_64.bat for 64-bit Microsoft Windows.

Do this from the base location of Fast Model Portfolio, default C:\Program Files\ARM\FastModelPortfolio_X.Y.

If the uninstallation does not delete the bridge, you can delete it manually:

  1. Close all non-essential applications.

  2. Select Network Connections.

  3. Right-click on the bridge and select Delete.

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