5.4.10. AudioOut_SDL component

The AudioOut_SDL component outputs audio using the host audio output features through the Simple Direct Media abstraction layer.

Figure 5.31 shows a view of the component in System Canvas.

Figure 5.31. AudioOut_SDL in System Canvas

AudioOut_SDL in System Canvas

This component is written in LISA+ but relies on an external C++ class.


Table 5.48 provides a brief description of the AudioOut_SDL component ports.

Table 5.48. AudioOut_SDL ports

NamePort protocolTypeDescription
audioAudioControlSlaveAudio input for a connection to a component such as the PL041_AACI.

Additional protocols

The AudioControl protocol is described elsewhere in this document. See AudioControl protocol.


The AudioOut_SDL component has no parameters.


The AudioOut_SDL component has no registers.

Debug features

The AudioOut_SDL component has no debug features.

Verification and testing

The AudioOut_SDL component has been tested as part of a system containing a PL041.


The AudioOut_SDL component results in SDL audio callbacks and might have a small impact on PV systems containing the component. AudioOut_SDL attempts to drain audio data at whatever rate is required to maintain smooth sound playback on the host PC. This might not match the data rate expected by applications running on the simulation.

Library dependencies

The AudioOut_SDL component depends on the Simple DirectMedia library by C++ class.

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