5.4.25. PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH component

The PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH component is a programmer’s view model of the flash that must be connected to the PL350_SMC component. Information on how to program the PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH component is available in the component documentation. See ARM PrimeCell Static Memory Controller (PL350 series) Technical Reference Manual.

Figure 5.47 shows a view of the component in System Canvas.

Figure 5.47. PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH in System Canvas

PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH in System Canvas

This component is written in LISA+.


Table 5.83 provides a brief description of the PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH component ports. For more information, see the static memory controller documentation.

Table 5.83. PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH ports

NamePort protocolTypeDescription
pvbusPVBusSlaveSlave port for connection to PV bus master/decoder
irqSignalMasterInterrupt signaling
devicePVDeviceSlavePort used to define device behavior

Additional protocols

The PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH component has no additional protocols.


Table 5.84 provides a description of the configuration parameters for the PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH component.

Table 5.84. PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH configuration parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionTypeAllowed valueDefault value
DEVICE_NAMEName of the deviceString-“Samsung K9F1G08U0M”





The device IDInteger-default(0xEC) default(0xDA) default(0x80) default(0x15)
NAND_FLASH_SIZESize of the flash device in bytesInteger-0x1080000
NAND_PAGE_SIZEPage sizeInteger0x2112 or 0x5280x2112
NAND_SPARE_SIZE_PER_PAGEExtra bitsInteger64 or 1664
NAND_VALID_SIZE_PER_PAGEValid page sizeInteger-2048
NAND_PAGE_COUNT_PER_BLOCKNumber of pages in each blockInteger-64
NAND_BLOCK_COUNTNumber of blocks in the flash deviceInteger-2048


The PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH component has no registers.

Debug features

The PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH component has no debug features.

Verification and testing

The PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH component has been tested as part of an integrated platform.


The PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH component is not expected to significantly affect the performance of a PV system.

Library dependencies

The PL350_SMC_NAND_FLASH component has no dependencies on external libraries.

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