7.4. EBVisualisation component

The EBVisualisation component can generate events when the host mouse or keyboard are used when the visualization window is in focus. For example, the switch elements can be toggled from the visualization window. Figure 7.1 shows the startup CLCD visualization window for the EB FVP.

Figure 7.1. EB Fixed Virtual Platform CLCD visualization window

EB Fixed Virtual Platform CLCD visualization window

When a suitable application or system image is loaded, and has configured the PL110_CLCD controller registers, the window expands to show the contents of the frame buffer. Figure 7.2 shows an example using the brot.axf image.

Figure 7.2. EB FVP CLCD with brot.axf image

EB FVP CLCD with brot.axf image

Further details on how to use the features provided in the CLCD visualization window are given elsewhere. See the RealView Development Suite Real-Time System Models User Guide.

Figure 7.3 shows a view of the EBVisualisation component in System Canvas. This component can be found in the %PVLIB_HOME%\examples\FVP_EB\LISA\ directory. On Linux, use the $PVLIB_HOME/examples/FVP_EB/LISA directory.

Figure 7.3. EBVisualisation in System Canvas

EBVisualisation in System Canvas

The EBVisualisation component is written in LISA+.

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