6.5.3. Parameters

Table 6.11 provides a description of the configuration parameters for the VE_SysRegs component.

Table 6.11. VE_SysRegs configuration parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionTypeAllowed valueDefault value
exit_on_shutdownUsed to shut down the system. When true, if software uses the SYS_CFGCTRL function SYS_CFG_SHUTDOWN, then the simulator shuts down and exits[a].Booleantrue/falsefalse
sys_proc_id0Procesor ID register at CoreTile Express Site 1Integer0x0c0000000x0c000000
sys_proc_id1Processor ID at CoreTile Express Site 2Integer0xff0000000xff000000
tilePresentTile fittedBooleantrue/falsetrue
user_switches_valueUser switchesInteger00

[a] For more information on the SYS_CFGCTRL function values, see the Motherboard Express μATX V2M-P1 Technical Reference Manual.

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