7.3. Emulation Baseboard parameters

Table 7.2 lists the EB FVP instantiation time parameters that you can change when you start the model.

The syntax to use in a configuration file is:


Table 7.2. EB Baseboard Model instantiation parameters

Component nameParameterDescriptionTypeValuesDefault
eb_sysregs_0user_switches_valueswitch S6 settingIntegersee Switch S60
eb_sysregs_0boot_switch_valueswitch S8 settingIntegersee Switch S80
flashldr_0fnamepath to flash image fileStringvalid filename""
flashldr_1fnamepath to flash image fileStringvalid filename""
mmcp_mmc_filemultimedia card filenameStringvalid filenamemmc.dat
pl111_clcd_0pixel_double_limitsets threshold in horizontal pixels below which pixels sent to framebuffer doubled in size in both dimensionsInteger-0x12c
smcREMAPindicates which channel of the SMC is bootable Integer-1, 0-7-1 (no remap)
sp810_sysctrluse_s8indicates whether to read boot_switches_valueBooleantrue or falsefalse
vfs2mountmount point for the host file systemStringdirectory path on host""
sdram_sizesdram_sizesize of memory logic tile in second installed CoreTileInteger0x00000000 to 0x10000000 (1GB)0 (0GB)

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