5.3.3. PVBus2AMBAPV component

The PVBus2AMBAPV component converts from PVBus to AMBAPV protocols.

Figure 5.7 shows a view of the component in System Canvas.

Figure 5.7. PVBus2AMBAPV in System Canvas

PVBus2AMBAPV in System Canvas

This component is written in LISA+.


Table 5.9 describes the ports in the PVBus2AMBAPV component.

Table 5.9. PVBus2AMBAPV ports

NamePort protocolTypeDescription
pvbus_sPVBusSlaveHandles incoming transactions from PVBus masters.
amba_pv_mAMBAPVMasterOutput master port for connection to top-level AMBAPV master port. Converted transactions are sent out through this port.

Additional protocols

The PVBus2AMBAPV component has no additional protocols.


Table 5.10 provides a description of the configuration parameters for the PVBus2AMBAPV component.

Table 5.10. PVBus2AMBAPV configuration parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionTypeAllowed valueDefault value
sizeAddressable size of the device in bytes. Must be a multiple of 0x1000 (4KB).uint64_t0 to 4GB0x100000000 (4GB)


The PVBus2AMBAPV component has no registers.

Debug features

The PVBus2AMBAPV component has no debug features.

Verification and testing

The PVBus2AMBAPV component has been tested as part of the SystemC Export example systems. These systems can be found in %PVLIB_HOME%\examples\SystemCExport. On Linux, look in the $PVLIB_HOME/examples/SystemCExport directory.


There is typically no significant performance impact because of using the PVBus2AMBAPV component.

Library dependencies

The PVBus2AMBAPV component has no dependencies on external libraries.

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