8.3. MPSVisualisation

The MPSVisualisation component provides:

The MPSVisualisation component can generate events when the touchscreen is used.

At startup, if connected to a suitable platform model, the visualization presents a window with a status bar containing many of the visual components of the platform.

Figure 8.1. MPSVirtualisation component in sgcanvas

MPSVirtualisation component in sgcanvas

The Color LCD (CLCD) screen is divided into three sections:

Table 8.8. MPSVisualisation interactive controls

SDCardInserts or removes the SD card.
DIP switchesAllow the state of the dip switches to be set in a similar manner to the hardware platform.
SDcard write-protect sliderEnables/disables read-only access to the SD card model.
statisticsChange the statistics display mode.
rate limitEnable/disable rate limiter.
reset buttonNon-functional. To reset a model the simulation must be restarted or reset by an attached debugger.

Figure 8.2. Microprocessor Prototyping System Fixed Virtual Platform CLCD

Microprocessor Prototyping System Fixed Virtual Platform CLCD

This component is written in LISA+.

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