4.9. ARMCortexR7MPxnCT

Figure 4.8 shows a view of the ARMCortexR7MPxnCT component in Fast Models, with all vectored ports collapsed. This is a single component that represents a Cortex-R7 multiprocessor containing from one to two processors. The xn in the component name indicates how many processors are included in the component, so choose the one with the required number of processors for your system. The component is based on r0p0 of the Cortex-R7 processor. All variants of the ARMCortexR7MPxnCT component are described in this section, the only difference being the number of processors.

Figure 4.8. ARMCortexR7MPCT in System Canvas

ARMCortexR7MPCT in System Canvas

This component is written in C++.

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