3.4. Debug interface protocols

LISA components can expose aspects of their internal state to a debugger so that they become visible and usable in the debugger.

Some aspects are supported by the native LISA language, and some are supported by debug interface protocols:

If displaying and editing memory and registers is sufficient, it is not necessary to implement the CADIProtocol and CADIDisassemblerProtocol. For the other debug features listed, the CADIProtocol and CADIDisassemblerProtocol must be implemented by the component to enable them.

The CADIProtocol and CADIDisassemblerProtocol permit you to implement the features on a Component Architecture Debug Interface (CADI) interface level. This means that the component code takes full responsibility for the implementation of these interfaces. For more information about individual function calls, see the Component Architecture Debug Interface v2.0 Developer Guide.


All protocol behaviors, that is, all sets of functionalities, that are listed in CADIProtocol are optional. A component only has to implement the set of functions for the functionality that it intends to support.

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