5.4.46. HostBridge component

The HostBridge component is a virtual programmer’s view model. It acts as a networking gateway to exchange Ethernet packets with a TAP device on the host, and to forward packets to NIC models. An alternative to this TAP/TUN method is user mode networking, which emulates a built-in IP router and DHCP server to route traffic by means of the host user mode socket layer. For more information, see User mode networking.

Figure 5.68. HostBridge in System Canvas

HostBridge in System Canvas

This component is written in LISA+.


Table 5.132 provides a brief description of the HostBridge component ports. For more information, see the hardware documentation.

Table 5.132. HostBridge ports

NamePort ProtocolTypeDescription
ethVirtualEthernetmasterSend or receive Ethernet frame.

Additional protocols

The HostBridge component has one additional protocol, VirtualEthernet. See VirtualEthernetCrossover component.


Table 5.133 provides a description of the configuration parameters for the HostBridge component.

Table 5.133. HostBridge configuration parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionTypeAllowed valueDefault value


Host Interface


Valid string characters


userNetPortsListening ports to expose in user-mode networkingStringFormatted string[Empty string]
userNetSubnetVirtual subnet for user-mode networkingStringFormatted string172.20.51.0/24
userNetworkingEnable user-mode networking[a]Booleantrue or falsefalse

[a] TAP/TUN mode is enabled by default, and is disabled when user mode is in use.


The HostBridge component has no registers.

Debug Features

The HostBridge component has no debug features.

Verification and testing

The HostBridge component has been tested as part of a system with network functionalities.


It is not expected that normal networking usage of the HostBridge component significantly affects the performance of a PV system. However, heavy usage on the networking of the model, for example to run networking performance tests, might potentially slow down the simulation.

Library dependencies

The HostBridge component has no dependencies on external libraries.

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