A.4.1. TarmacTraceAEM

The AEM model includes a trace plug-in with some enhanced capabilities, in addition to those described in the Fast Models Tarmac Trace User Guide. It is loaded when specified by a command-line option to Model Debugger:

--trace-plugin <installation_path>/lib/TarmacTraceAEM.dll

Additional capabilities are enabled using the parameters listed in trace_mmu, which become available in the trace parameters hierarchy.


Lines prefixed TTW describe the data that has been read by a translation table walk.

The line specifies the address from which the descriptor is read, the data returned from that address, and a summary of how that data is interpreted.

Lines prefixed TLB describe a translation entry that has been added to the TLB.

The line specifies whether the D-side or I-side TLB is being loaded, the size of the entry, and the mapping from VA to PA.

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