4.15.1. Ports

Table 4.44 provides a brief description of the ports for the ARM1176CT component. For more information, see the processor technical reference manual.

Table 4.44. ARM1176CT ports

NamePort protocolTypeDescription
clk_inClockSignalslaveclock input
pvbus_mPVBusmastermaster port for all memory accesses
resetSignalslaveasynchronous reset signal input
irqSignalslaveasynchronous IRQ signal input
fiqSignalslaveasynchronous FIQ signal input
pmuirqSignalmasterperformance monitoring unit IRQ output
dmairqSignalmasternormal DMA interrupt output
dmasirqSignalmastersecure DMA interrupt output
dmaexterrirqSignalmasterDMA error interrupt output
vic_addrValueStateslaveaddress input for connection to PL192 VIC
vic_ackSignalmasteracknowledge signal output for PL192 VIC
ticksInstructionCountmasteroutput that can be connected to a visualization component

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