4.22.1. InstructionCount

The InstructionCount protocol has two behaviors:

getValue() : uint64_t

Obtain the number of instructions executed by the processor

getRunState() : uint32_t

Obtain the power/run status of the processor.

The possible run state values are shown in Table 4.54:

Table 4.54. Possible run state values

ValueState labelDescription
0x0UNKNOWNRun status unknown, that is, simulation has not started.
0x1RUNNINGProcessor running, is not idle and is executing instructions.
0x2HALTEDExternal halt signal asserted.
0x3STANDBY_WFELast instruction executed was WFE and standby mode has been entered.
0x4STANDBY_WFILast instruction executed was WFI and standby mode has been entered.
0x5IN_RESETExternal reset signal asserted.
0x6DORMANTPartial processor power down.
0x7SHUTDOWNComplete processor power down.

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