7.5.3. Parameters

Table 7.9 provides a description of the configuration parameters for the EB_SysRegs component.

Table 7.9. EB_SysRegs configuration parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionTypeAllowed valueDefault value
boot_switches_Valueboot select switch Integeras switch S8 on EB hardware[a]0
clcdidcolor LCD IDInteger-0x1
proc_id_tile_site1processor ID registerInteger-0x04000000
proc_id_tile_site2processor ID registerInteger-0x04000000
sys_idsystem identification registerInteger-0x01400400
tile1tile 1 fittedBooleantrue/falsetrue
tile2tile 2 fittedBooleantrue/falsefalse
user_switches_valueuser switchesIntegeras switch S6 on EB hardware[a]0

[a] Full details on switch values and their effects are provided elsewhere. See the RealView Development Suite Real-Time System Models User Guide. See also the RealView Emulation Baseboard User Guide (Lead Free).

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