8.3.1. Ports

Table 8.9 gives a brief description of the MPSVisualisation component ports. For more information, see the Microcontroller Prototyping System platform documentation. See the Microcontroller Prototyping Board User Guide.

Table 8.9. MPSVisualisation component ports

NamePort protocolTypeDescription
ticksInstructionCountslaveConnection from a PV processor model to show current instruction count.
clock_50HzClockSignalslave50Hz clock input
touch_screenMouseStatusmasterProvides mouse events when the visualization window is in focus.
lcd_layoutLCDLayoutInfomasterLayout information for alphanumeric LCD display.
cpu_ledsValueStateslaveDisplays state using the eight colored LEDs on the status bar. These LEDs are driven by the LED_LIGHTS register as on the MPS hardware.
cpu_switchesValueStateslaveProvides state for the four DIP switches on the status bar.
lcdLCDslaveDisplays state using LCD display.
dut_switches_and_buttonsValueStateslaveSets and displays state for four DIP switches and four buttons.
dut_ledsValueStateslaveDisplays state using the eight coloredLEDs on the status bar.
dut_led_7segValueStateslaveDisplays state using four digit seven segment display.
char_lcdCharacterLCDslaveDisplays state using the alphanumeric LCD display.
percfgValueStateslaveSets and displays status of SD card.

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