2.2.1. Setting model configuration options

The initial state of the RTSM can be controlled by configuration settings provided on the command line or in the CADI properties for the model.

Using a configuration file

To configure a model that you start from the command line, include a reference to an optional plain text configuration file as described in Starting an RTSM.

Comment lines in the configuration file must begin with a # character.

Each non-comment line of the configuration file contains:

  • the name of the component instance

  • the parameter to be modified and its value.

    Boolean values can be set using either true/false or 1/0. Strings must be enclosed in double quotes if they contain whitespace.

A typical configuration file is listed in Example 2.1:

Example 2.1. Configuration file

# Disable semihosting using true/false syntax
# Enable the boot switch using 1/0 syntax
# Set the boot switch position

Using the command line

You can use the -C switch to define model parameters when you invoke the model. You can also use --parameter as a synonym for the -C switch. See Starting an RTSM. Use the same syntax as for a configuration file, but each parameter must be preceded by the -C switch.


This section contains an example for configuring an EB RTSM.

Example 2.2 shows how to set the boot options.

Example 2.2. Booting a model from a flash image

# Boot from a flash image
RTSM_EB_Cortex-A8 \
    --parameter "coretile.core.semihosting-cmd_line="\
    --parameter "baseboard.flashldr_0.fname=flash.bin" \
    --parameter "baseboard.eb_sysregs_0.user_switches_value=4" \
    --parameter "visualisation.disable_visualisation=false" \
    --parameter "visualisation.rate_limit-enable=0" \

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