3.8. Visualization parameters

Table 3.10 lists the Visualization instantiation-time parameters that you can change when you start the model. For more information on the Visualisation component, see the Fast Models Reference Manual. The syntax to use in a configuration file is:



The component name spelling is British, so use visualisation rather than visualization.

Table 3.10. Visualisation instantiation parameters

disable_visualisationdisable the EBVisualisation component on model startupbooleantrue or falsefalse
rate_limit-enable[a]restrict simulation speed so that simulation time more closely matches real time rather than running as fast as possiblebooleantrue or falsetrue
trap_keytrap key that works with Left Ctrl key to toggle mouse pointer displayintegervalid ATKeyCode key value[b]74[c]

[a] You can click the Rate Limit button in the CLCD instead of setting the parameter at instantiation time. See Using the CLCD window.

[b] If you have Fast Models installed, see the header file, %PVLIB_HOME%\components\KeyCode.h, for a list of ATKeyCode values. On Linux, see the file $PVLIB_HOME/components/KeyCode.h.

[c] This is equivalent to the Left Alt key.

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