2.1. Starting an RTSM

This section describes how to start an EB RTSM. An example of loading and executing an application is documented separately.

The model can optionally start a CADI debug server allowing a CADI-enabled debugger, such as ARM DS-5™ Debugger, to be connected to the running model. It can also be configured to wait for a debugger connection before starting.

To start the RTSM, change to the directory where your model file is and enter the following at the command prompt:

model_name [--cadi-server] [--config-file filename] [-C instance.parameter=value] [--application app_filename]



is the name of the model file. By default this file name is typically RTSM_EB_processor.


is the name of your optional plain-text configuration file. Configuration files simplify managing multiple parameters. See Using a configuration file.


is the optional direct setting of a configuration parameter. See Using the command line.


is the file name of an image to load to your model at startup.

For more information on model options, see the Model Shell for Fast Models Reference Manual.


RTSMs contain an internal Model Shell, and the model options match.

Starting the model opens the RTSM CLCD display. See Using the CLCD window.

After the RTSM starts, you can use ARM DS-5 Debugger to connect to it.

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