3.3.2. Switch S8

Switch S8 is disabled by default. To enable it, you must change the state of the parameter baseboard.sp810_sysctrl.use_s8 to true before you start the model. See EB RTSM baseboard parameters.

If you have a Boot Monitor flash image loaded, switch S8 enables you to remap boot memory.

On reset, the EB hardware starts to execute code at 0x0, which is typically volatile DRAM. You can put the contents of non-volatile RAM at this location by setting the S8 switch in the EB RTSM CLCD as shown in Table 3.5. The settings take effect on model reset.

Table 3.5. EB System Model switch S8 settings

Switch S8[4:1]Memory RangeDescription
00000x40000000-0x4FEFFFFFNOR flash remapped to 0x0
00010x44000000-0x47FFFFFFNOR flash remapped to 0x0
00100x48000000-0x4BFFFFFFSRAM remapped to 0x0


Attempting to change switch S8 settings after the model has started, for example by using the CLCD DIP switches, might lead to unpredictable behavior.

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