3.5. System controller parameters

Table 3.7 lists the system controller instantiation-time parameters that you can change when the model is started.

The syntax to use in a configuration file or on the command line is:


Table 3.7. System controller configuration parameters

sysidValue for system identification registerInteger0, 1, 2[a]0x00000000
use_s8Select whether switch S8 is enabledBooleantrue or falsefalse

[a] The sysid parameter takes values 0, 1, or 2. These correspond to SYS_ID register read values of:

  • sysid parameter value = 0 => SYS_ID register value = 0x0225f500, corresponding to REV_A

  • sysid parameter value = 1 => SYS_ID register value = 0x12257500, corresponding to REV_B

  • sysid parameter value = 2 => SYS_ID register value = 0x22252500, corresponding to REV_C.

Any other value for parameter sysid results in a SYS_ID register value of 0x0.

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