8.1.7. Step 7: Import the pin assignments

You must create pin assignments for the project. The pin assignments from the provided project can be imported because they are the same as those for the project being built. To do this, select Assignments → Import Assignments from the menu. Browse to the provided CortexM1_ExampleDesign.qsf file, located in the original provided example system, by clicking the button.

Click OK as shown in Figure 8.29.

Figure 8.29. Quartus II Import Assignments dialog

Quartus II Import Assignments dialog

This assigns the top-level I/O to specific pins in the design. If necessary, you can view and edit the pin assignments by selecting Assignments → Pins from the menu. This invokes the Altera Pin Planner.


The pin assignments in the original CortexM1_ExampleDesign.qsf file were created using the Pin Planner tool.

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