7.3.2. Scatter loading

For some designs you might want to have code loaded into separate memories. In the example design, it is only necessary to preload a single memory, ITCM, so a custom scatter-load is not necessary. If it becomes necessary to load instructions or data across several internal memories, and your memory layout is too complex to describe in the RealView MDK Target options window, you can use a custom scatter file.

With the FPGACode.Uv2 project loaded, right-click on Emulator in the Project Workspace, and select Options for Target Emulator from the pop-up menu.

On the dialog box, click the Linker tab, and uncheck the Use Memory Layout from Target Dialog option. The option to edit the scatter file is enabled as shown in Figure 7.1.

See the Realview MDK User Guide for instructions on how to write a custom scatter file.

If necessary, click Cancel to undo these changes.

Figure 7.1. Options for Target Emulator

Options for Target Emulator

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