8.1.1. Step 1: Create the shell project

Open the Quartus II tool and select File → New Project Wizard.

The New Project Wizard Introduction screen is shown in Figure 8.1.

Figure 8.1. New Project Wizard Introduction window

New Project Wizard Introduction window

Click Next >.

Enter a new working directory for the project, as shown in Figure 8.2. For consistency with this tutorial, use the same project name, CortexM1_ExampleDesign. Accept the default top-level entity name, CortexM1_ExampleDesign. The top-level entity name will be changed after the project is created, rather than choosing a different name here to make Quartus II generate all project files using the name CortexM1_ExampleDesign.

Figure 8.2. New Project Wizard Directory window

New Project Wizard Directory window

Click Next >.

There are no files to add at this time, as shown in Figure 8.3, so click Next >.

Figure 8.3. New Project Wizard Add Files window

New Project Wizard Add Files window

Select the following parameters as shown in Figure 8.4:


These values are for the Altera FPGA on the Altera Cyclone III Starter Board.

Figure 8.4. New Project Wizard Family & Device Settings window

New Project Wizard Family & Device Settings window

Click Next >.

Use the settings for EDA Tool Setup as shown in Figure 8.5.

Figure 8.5. New Project Wizard EDA Tool Settings window

New Project Wizard EDA Tool Settings window

Click Next >.

Review your entries on the summary page. See Figure 8.6.

Figure 8.6. New Project Wizard Summary window

New Project Wizard Summary window

Click Finish.

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