7.1. Memory resources

There is about 66KB of internal RAM in the targeted Cyclone III FPGA on the Cyclone III Starter Board. There is 1MB of external SSRAM, 16MB of external FLASH, and 32MB of DDR SDRAM.


SDRAM is beyond the scope of this document, but is mentioned because some specialized designs might require this resource.

The ITCM and DTCM tightly coupled memories in the processor can be configured individually to use varying amounts of the internal RAM resource from 0 to about 95%. In the example design, there is 32KB of instruction memory, and 16KB of data read/write memory. This is generally sufficient for small programs.

If more memory is required for Cortex-M1 instructions or code, the following applies:

If more memory is required for Cortex-M1 read/write data, the following applies:

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