4.4. Loading the Cyclone III Starter Board and starting the Cortex-M1 terminal

Power the Cyclone III Starter Board and connect it to the PC using the USB cable.

Ensure that the FPGA has already been programmed with the example system. If not, see Loading the FPGA using the Quartus II Programmer for instructions on how to download the .sof file.

Open Cortex-M1 Terminal by opening the Windows Start menu and selecting Programs → Cortex M1 FPGA Development Kit → Cortex-M1 Terminal. Select Connection → Open… from the Cortex-M1 Terminal menu. If the Connection Settings dialog does not appear, confirm the correct version of Altera's Quartus II is installed. Keep the default connection settings (all autoselect) and select OK to activate the link to the JTAG UART.

Figure 4.8. Cortex-M1 Terminal application window

Cortex-M1 Terminal application window

The terminal application is now ready to display messages from the embedded software running on the development board and to accept user input.

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