6.2. Examining the project

Start the μVision tool and open the project using Project → Open Project…, navigate to the ExampleSoftware\RTX_Blinky directory in your installation and then select Blinky.Uv2 and click Open.

The project contains three source files:


This file contains the startup code for the application


This file contains main(), RTX OS calls to initialize the OS, create and delete tasks, and general functions that blink the LEDs.


This file contains code to configure the RTX operating system.

To enable the RTX library in a RealView MDK project, select Project → Options for Target Emulator from the menu, select the Target tab, and set the Operating System selection to RTX Kernel as shown in Figure 6.1.

Figure 6.1. Linking the RTX library to a project

Linking the RTX library to a project

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