4.2. RealView MDK tools setup

Open the RealView MDK tools by clicking Start → Programs → Keil uVision3.

Load the provided FPGACode.Uv2 project by selecting Project → Open Project from the menu as shown in Figure 4.1. The FPGACode.Uv2 project file is located in the ExampleSoftware\FPGA subdirectory of the Cortex-M1 FPGA Development Kit installation directory.

Figure 4.1. Select project file

Select project file

After loading the project, note that the RealView MDK has a standard look and feel, with the Project Workspace window on the left, the edit window on the right, and the output window on the bottom as shown in Figure 4.2.

See the RealView MDK documentation for more information about how to use the tool. This can be accessed by clicking the Help menu in the RealView MDK tools.

Figure 4.2. RealView MDK IDE

RealView MDK IDE

RealView MDK projects can have multiple targets, and each target can have different options. The active target is selected using the target selection list in the build toolbar, which is highlighted in Figure 4.2. The Cortex-M1 FPGA Development Kit example software contains two targets:

When the software relies heavily on interaction with custom peripherals, it is desirable to run the code on the actual system that contains the peripherals. That is, on the FPGA with the Emulator target.

The rest of this chapter describes the Emulator target.

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