3.2. Source files

Table 3.1 shows the source files located in the ExampleSoftware\FPGA subdirectory of the Cortex-M1 FPGA Development Kit installation.

Table 3.1. Files located in FPGA directory

Startup.s Vector table and initial boot code for the processor.

Main routine for the FPGA software.

The main() function is implemented as a forever loop that:

  • displays menu text to the JTAG UART terminal

  • samples the user's menu selection

  • executes the test associated with the user's selection.

Isr.c Interrupt service routines for the JTAG UART and Timer modules.

Code that executes the individual tests:

  • external SRAM test

  • flash test

  • timer test

  • read SystemID test

  • switches and LEDs test

  • upper DTCM test.

These tests are described in Menu tests.

Uart.c JTAG UART interface code.
Retarget.cConfigures the implementation of C standard library I/O functions for the target hardware.
BoardIf.h Useful typedefs and macros for writing and reading to the various hardware modules.
Registers.h Register map of the hardware design.
Uart.h #defines relevant to the operation of the JTAG UART.
Flash.h #defines relevant to the Intel Flash chip on the development board.
Externals.hContains function prototypes and extern declarations.

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