6.1. About the RTX real time operating system example

RTX is a real-time operating system that is integrated with the RealView MDK tools. The RTX_Blinky example is a software project that has been adapted to work with the Altera Cyclone III Starter Board. The software demonstrates how to use the built-in RTX libraries to control a traffic light. The traffic light in the RTX_Blinky example is represented by the bank of four user LEDs labeled LED4, LED3, LED2, LED1 on the Cyclone III Starter Board.

Together, LED4 and LED3 represent the traffic light stop, caution, and go signals. The traffic light states are defined as follows:

Together, LED2 and LED1 represent the corresponding walk signal. The walk signal states are defined as follows:


The walk signal caution is represented by toggling the states Don't Walk and Off.

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