3.1. About the demonstration software

The FPGA Code demonstration first blinks the user LEDs on the Cyclone III Starter Board in a back-and-forth pattern on startup to show that the code is executing on the processor. The code displays a menu in the Cortex-M1 Terminal application when one of the four user pushbuttons is pressed.

The menu enables one of six tests to be run which are designed to exercise the functionality of the example SOPC system. The available tests are:

  1. External SRAM test.

  2. Flash test.

  3. Timer test.

  4. Read system ID test.

  5. Switches and LEDs test.

  6. Upper DTCM test.

You can choose to run a specific test by ensuring that the text area in the Cortex-M1 Terminal application has focus, then typing in the required test number using the PC keyboard.

In summary, the organization of the FPGA Code demonstration software is:

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