2.1. About getting started

The Cortex-M1 FPGA Development Kit contains several components. The main building block is the processor. An example SOPC system containing hardware, software, and a simulation environment is provided. The example system FPGA design contains the processor with debug enabled, and various Altera SOPC peripherals which are available for use on Altera FPGAs.


The example hardware is targeted specifically to the Altera Cyclone III Starter Board

The example SOPC system software consists of a RealView MDK project. The software uses the JTAG UART that is instantiated in the hardware design to display a menu of tests in the Cortex-M1 Terminal application, which runs on a PC. It also accepts user input from the Cortex-M1 Terminal application so that each test can be selected.

The simulation environment contains the same example SOPC system hardware together with a simulation version of the RealView MDK project. The simulation software differs in two main ways from the example SOPC system software:


The evaluation version of the development kit does not support simulation.

To become more familiar with the individual pieces of the Cortex-M1 FPGA Development Kit, a quick walk-through of the product is recommended. The following sections describe the basic steps in running the example software on a prebuilt example system. More details on each aspect of the demonstration, such as building the hardware system, software, and simulation, are given in future chapters.


Ensure that the Altera Cyclone III Starter Board is connected before you start programming.

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