2.5. Viewing the example software source code (optional)

The source code that is pre-loaded into the ITCM of the processor is provided in the project FPGACode.Uv2. To explore the example project, run the RealView MDK integrated compiler/debugger tool.

Open the RealView MDK tools by clicking Start → Programs → Keil uVision 3. Load the provided FPGACode.Uv2 project by selecting Project → Open Project from the menu. This project is located in the ExampleSoftware\FPGA directory of the Cortex-M1 FPGA Development Kit.

After loading the project, note that the RealView MDK has a standard look and feel, with the Project Workspace window on the left. Browse through the categories in Project Workspace and double-click on the file(s) of interest for viewing.


Program execution starts in the startup source file, Startup.s. The main() routine is the first non-assembly code that is executed. This is in the Main.c file as shown in Figure 2.9.

Figure 2.9. uVision main source listing

uVision main source listing

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