2.4.1. Running the Cortex-M1 Terminal

As previously described, the example software provides a user interface through the Cortex-M1 Terminal application. Start the Cortex-M1 Terminal by opening the Windows Start menu and selecting Programs → Cortex-M1 FPGA Development Kit → Cortex-M1 Terminal. Figure 2.6 shows the Cortex-M1 Terminal.

Figure 2.6. Cortex-M1 Terminal window

Cortex-M1 Terminal window

Select Connection → Open… from the menu. If the Connection Settings dialog does not appear, ensure that the correct version of Altera's Quartus II software is installed. Keep the default settings, that is, all Autoselect, and select OK to activate the link to the JTAG UART. It is now possible to interact with the JTAG UART using the embedded menu.

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