5.1. Header connectors

Figure 5.1 shows the pin numbers and power-blade usage of the HDRX, HDRY, and HDRZ headers on the bottom of the board.

Figure 5.1. HDRX, HDRY, and HDRZ (lower) pin numbering

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Table 5.1 lists the Samtec part numbers.

The CT-R4F uses Samtec connectors on the bottom of the board only. The total board separation is 8mm when mated. As the Core Tiles have a maximum component height of 2.5mm on the bottom of the board this ensures that there are no component interference problems with mated boards.


Samtec describes the QSH connector used on the bottom of the board as a socket.

Table 5.1. Samtec part numbers

HeaderPart numberMating height

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