4.5.1. CT-R4F ID register

The CT_R4F_ID register provides information that identifies the revision status of the CT-R4F Core Tile.


This information will be useful if you need to contact ARM Support for assistance.

The CT_R4F_ID register is at serial stream address 0x1000. Figure 4.11 shows the bit allocations within the CT_R4F_ID register.

Figure 4.11. CT_R4F_ID register

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Table 4.22 shows the bit assignments within the register.

Table 4.22. CT_R4F_ID register bit assignments

[31:24]Read onlyPROC_ID0x11Processor ID (ARM Cortex-R4F)
[23:18]Read onlyReserved
[17:15]Read onlyPROC_IMEMSIZEb100Processor Instruction Cache size (16KB)
[14:12]Read onlyPROC_DMEMSIZEb100Processor Data Cache size (16KB)
[11]Read onlyReserved
[10:8]Read onlyCT_PCB_REVb010CT-R4F board revision
[7:0]Read onlyCT_PLD_VER0x01CT-R4F PLD version

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