4.4.1. CT_R4F_ADC registers

Figure 4.10 shows the bit allocations within the CT_R4_ADC registers.

Figure 4.10. CT_R4F_ADC register

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The CT_R4F_ADC register serial stream addresses and the currents and voltages that are monitored are listed in Table 4.21 together with the measurement scaling factor applied.

Table 4.21. CT_R4F_ADC bit assignments

0x1010Read onlyCT_R4F_ADC0Monitors ARM Cortex-R4F processor current @ 0.5mA per bit
0x1011Read onlyCT_R4F_ADC1Reserved
0x1012Read onlyCT_R4F_ADC2Monitors the test chip sub-system current @ 0.2mA per bit
0x1013Read onlyCT_R4F_ADC3Monitors the ARM Cortex-R4F processor and CT-R4F test chip sub-system voltage @ 0.5mV per bit
0x1014Read onlyCT_R4F_ADC4Monitors the CT-R4F test chip PLL voltage @ 1mV per bit
0x1015Read onlyCT_R4F_ADC5Monitors the CT-R4F test chip I/O voltage @1mV per bit
0x1016Read onlyCT_R4F_ADC6Reserved
0x1017Read onlyCT_R4F_ADC7Reserved

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