2.2.1. Supplying power to the EB

If the EB is not inserted into a PCI enclosure, you must connect the supplied 12VDC brick power supply to power socket J28 or an external bench power supply to the screw-terminal connector J27. See Figure 2.2.


If you are using the supplied brick power supply connected to J28, the Standby/power push button S7 toggles the power on and off.

If you are using an external power supply connected to J27, or you are powering the board from the PCI backplane, the Standby/power switch is not used and power is controlled by shutting down the external power source.

Figure 2.2. EB power connectors

EB power connectors


You must only use one power source for the system. Use only the PCI connector, J27, or J28, do not, for example, use the PCI connector and J27 at the same time.

If you are using separate 5V and 3V3 bench supplies, always set sensible current limits. The 3V3 supply should track the 5V supply. On the EB, the 3V3 supply tracks the 5V supply after an initial 1ms delay.

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